Save our World Heritage now

Thank you.

It's a simple statement encompassing so many of you - from the locals living in Fiordland to our international visitors. Everything you did contributed in some way to the decisions made.


Let's celebrate and enjoy all that our World Heritage areas have to offer. With that privilege comes the responsibility that was so evidently felt by all who worked so hard to ensure that the responsibility was exercised to a governmental level. 

The previous Chairperson of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Dr Eleonora Mitrofanova, in her speech to the 36th Annual Meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Saint Petersburg in 2012 said:

"We must keep in mind the indisputable reality that the outstanding universal value of World Heritage sites is based on local values, local experience and local conservation efforts. Local and indigenous peoples are the key actors who make this global heritage possible."

Click on this link to view the documents involved at the final stage of the monorail decision announced by the Minister of Conservation, Dr Nick Smith on 29 May 2014.

And again, thank you.

The pristine bush of Fiordland © Graham Dainty

Save Fiordland is a not-for-profit community-wide organisation aiming to protect the World Heritage status of Fiordland, also known as Te Wahipounamu, in the south west of the south island of New Zealand.

Fiordland has world heritage status because of its unique biodiversity and extensive wilderness. It is a jewel in the crown of New Zealand's tourist destinations, and a mecca for visitors from around the world.

You can help us stop the second of two commercial proposals that would destroy Fiordland wilderness; read about the monorail. To stop this shocking project being built and destroying tens of thousands of trees, ripping through unique habitats, and ruining the recreational enjoyment of trampers, hunters and many other people, take action now.