Reason 10 to stop the FLE: no economic benefit

The construction of the Fiordland Link Experience, at massive cost, will mean temporary work for some people. It will also bring financial benefit to Infinity Investment beyond that initially perceived. This is because the Fiordland Link Experience is planned to terminate at an Infinity Investment owned hotel at Te Anau Downs, which stands on its own, 29km from the nearest town (Te Anau). (From Te Anau Downs it is over 90 km further to Milford Sound.) But conversely it will detrimentally affect the economies of tourist towns and villages on the existing road route from Queenstown, which not only passes through Te Anau but also Five Rivers, Athol, Garston, and Mossburn.

These historic settlements all provide cafe and accommodation facilities and local employment. The monorail would also detrimentally affect existing coach operators who use this route and have invested in scenic coaches, providing a good visitor experience.

The Fiordland Link Experience may encourage more visitors to leave the region entirely after taking this restrictive Queenstown to Milford Sound day trip, rather than undertaking an extended visit to explore the many other beautiful sites in the region that are accessible from Te Anau, such as Lake Te Anau, Lake Manapouri, and the Southern Scenic Route.