Reason 2 for stopping the FLE: Environmental damage

A wide variety of landscapes exist in this area from grassed river valleys, mixed beech forest, to mountain peaks. This scheme would sacrifice 67 hectares of mature beech forest habitat in exchange for a mass tourism infrastructure more consistent with a city than a conservation area.

The monorail would consist of massive concrete beams supported every 20 metres by concrete bases and piers several metres high. A permanent fully formed permanent construction/maintenance road, dozed through the forest and rivers would run alongside it. This is clearly inconsistent with both the purpose for which the land is held, and the remote visitor setting. It is inconsistent with the current Conservation Management Strategy for this area.

The hectares will not only be lost, they will split an ecosystem in half. The forest canopy will be laid open to accommodate both the monorail and the construction road. Further destruction of trees on either side will be necessary to prevent the threat of trees from the mature beech forest falling on the line.

The total amount of forest affected is significant larger than many of the individual conservation areas within Southland.