Reason 5 to stop the FLE: Destruction of recreational experiences

The areas affected by this scheme including Kiwi Burn, Mavora Lakes, the Upukerora area and the upper Whitestone. They are used by all ages, especially local people, doing all kinds of Kiwi things in a traditional Kiwi way, ranging from the local kayak clubs meeting for kayak competitions, to families going on day hikes and holding barbeques. It is used for hunting, fishing, tramping, horse riding, biking, running, and traditional family and group camping.

The areas affected by this scheme are a rare thing; an accessible introduction to a remote back country experience that is perfect for children and their families without the greater demands and risks of expeditions deeper into Fiordland. The Snowdon area is well recognised as providing ‘a variety of year round recreational opportunities suitable for family groups, trampers, fishermen and hunters.’ (DOC Snowdon Forest brochure).

Yet Riverstone Holdings want DOC to grant them a ‘hunter exclusion zone’ around their monorail, extending to at least 3,000 hectares.

The construction of a terminus and monorail and constant arrival of coaches will destroy the ambience as well as the physical environment of this special area.