Bumper stickers are available - and other stuff

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Hi to all our members and supporters

We continue to await the decisions, but in the meantime:


a. Bumper stickers are now available. They say it all. We'd really appreciate your help in spreading them across the whole of New Zealand. Send them to whoever you know will display them - on their vehicles, in shop windows, anywhere where they will be seen.

Cost to us for each sticker is $1.25 + any p&p. Gold coin donation or equivalent will help us to cover those costs. Save Fiordland's bank account: Westpac Te Anau 03-1749-0411965-00.  

If you want any:

  • Email info@savefiordland.org.nz with the number of stickers needed and address.

  • Or send stamped, self-addressed envelope to: 66 Quintin Drive, TE ANAU with the number needed and address.

  • Or collect from: Fiordland Dental Centre in Te Anau or from Olive Tree Cafe in Te Anau. 

If you can be a distribution point for us, it would be great to hear from you.

b. Bracelets

Thank you also to everyone who has been helping with the sale of the bracelets, particularly Bev who has done all the hard work.  There are now over 2,000 of them around the world.  At $2.00 each, it's another great way to spread the word.

c. Petitions

There are nearly 10,000 signatures on each of the hard copy petitions against the monorail and the tunnel - thanks to Barbara for the hard work on this.  The signature form can be downloaded, printed, signed and sent back to us - go to http://www.savefiordland.org.nz/sites/savefiordland/files/downloads/

Remember the two petitions are on the one signature sheet, so sign against both the monorail and the tunnel.  But you can only sign against the monorail once and against the tunnel once.  

These petitions are our last resort should all other stages of the process fail and could be crucial - over a quarter of a million people signed the Save Manapouri petition in the '60s and early '70s.

d. Facebook page

There has been some really good response to this as well, and a big thanks goes to those of you helping out with keeping that page alive and very much part of the campaign. 

We really appreciate all your help in keeping the campaign working even as the process seems to drag on!


a. Since Dr Nick Smith's announcement that he is to make the decisions re the tunnel and the monorail, we have reissued an invitation to him to meet with us and have offered him helicopter time to visit some of the areas to be impacted by the proposals.  In anticipation, we are preparing a number of 'briefing papers' on the key issues so that we can present him with a dossier, to make sure he arrives at the 'balanced' decision to which he referred in his press release.  We are awaiting his reply.

b. Labour and Green Party leaders have also been invited to meet with us.  David Shearer's office replied to the effect that it is likely he will be here later in the year; Eugenie Sage replied on behalf of Russel Norman to the effect that she wants to continue her involvement in the issues.

3. In the background: 

In preparation for any potential battle in court, committee members continue to work on the issues that require Official Information Act requests for information and in one instance at least, we have moved onto working with an under-resourced and over-stretched Ombudsman's office.  Bio-diversity survey work is also being investigated. 

4. AGM - Save Fiordland Inc.

It is almost a year since submissions closed, hearings were held and the first informal meeting of people concerned about what else could be done, was called.  At our next committee meeting in May we will be organising the AGM (probably for sometime in June) and will send out details to members.  As per the constitution all current committee members will retire at the AGM.  Written nominations will be called to fill the vacancies and can include current members.

We urge you to consider the role you may want to play as we move into our second year and, as decisions are announced, no doubt there will be a new stage to the battle.  Fresh energy and perspectives will be really crucial.

Finally, it would be great if you could pass this information on to anyone who might be interested, particularly to those without internet facilities.

Kind regards

Save Fiordland Inc.