Letter to Dr Smith - from Norway

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(seeing ourselves through others' eyes)

I live in Norway and have visited NZ every second year since 1998 staying from five
weeks up to three months and I have travelled both the North and South Island.

The ever decreasing wilderness in your country do really worry me. And not only
me. I think the world is watching for what you are doing!

Your green image is a very important trademark for New Zealand and this image is
in fact the “point of difference”. That’s why tourists are coming to New Zealand.
Not to experience “Disneyland” as this is readily available everywhere, but to
experience your true nature and wilderness. This is more or less the same for my

The tourists are coming to Norway to experience our wilderness and true nature,
that’s why we are very keen to ensure we’re not losing it. Every step and decision
you take where this wilderness is lost piece by piece will truly undermine the
tourism business.

Let’s avoid ending up telling the story of what New Zealand once had, but has lost.
This is an area I have spent many weeks tramping and fishing and I regard this area
as one of the most beautiful and stunning wilderness area in New Zealand.

It would be a pure disaster if this area is destroyed by the monorail. Stand up for
the environment Dr. Smith!

Oddvar Vermedal