North & South February issue - Editorial "Wildcards"

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Virginia Larson's editorial is worth reading.  February edition of North & South magazine.

News of yet another restructuring round for the Department of Conservation was announced yesterday by Rory Newsam, DOC spokesman, with the statement that "The development of the new business model for conservation delivery may also result in changes to roles and the structure of operations teams" and that "if we are to work through partnerships, we need to reorganise our business around that new ambition and new way of working. The state of our natural environment makes that urgent." (16 January 2013).  As reported, DOC plans to partner more with business, private landowners, the community, iwi and local government.

With the loss of about 120 jobs in the Department of Conservation over the last year, one can only speculate what it all means for conservation.

How sustainable is doing business with third parties? What will fall off or fall over and just not get done anymore?

And what will be approved by "the new business model for conservation delivery" (Rory Newsam, DOC) that is less about conservation and more about
"who's ultimately clipping the ticket...?" (Virginia Larson, North & South).