UnitedFuture opposes Fiordland monorail

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Press release 30 July 2013


UnitedFuture will oppose any plans to build the Fiordland Monorail and  will seek to repeal any consents given by the Department of Conservation prior to the election.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne and outdoors spokesman Alan Simmons say that the unique unspoiled remoteness of Fiordland is its great attraction.

“Building of a monorail through the centre will destroy that amazing landscape.

UnitedFuture wants to preserve the New Zealand values of a unique environment and unique people.

“A monorail full of tourists taking photos does not equate to the New Zealand way,” they say.

Mr Dunne and Mr Simmons say that the back country experience is one of New Zealand's greatest assets.

“Destroying that in a world heritage area is something we do not want to pass on to the next generation."