When are decisions likely to be announced?

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We don't know.

The Process:

The process for each of the proposals, after the hearings held last year during March and April 2012, as we understand it is:

  • the Hearing Chairman prepares a Summary of Submissions Report
    (Available online is an analysis of submissions for the monorail - www.doc.govt.nz/documents/getting-involved/consultations/closed-consultations/rhl-appendix1-submissions-analysis.pdf)
  • the DOC Officer prepares a final report which includes consideration of the submissions and hearings and which is checked by the DOC legal team
  • the draft of that DOC Officer's Final Report is sent to the applicant
  • the applicant's response is included in the DOC Officer's Final Report
  • the DOC Officer's Final report is sent to the Decision Maker (delegated by the Minister)
  • the Decision Maker is required to make a determination and the decision is communicated to the applicant and submitters.

The Decision-Maker:

Sue Cosford, is DOC's Deputy Director General - Operations. 

She has been delegated the task of making the decisions about whether the Minister of Conservation's intention to grant concessions for the tunnel and for the monorail should be approved or declined.

Any clues?

August 2012 - A media report said DOC was still working on the reports.

December 2012 - A media statement from DOC's Reuben Williams repeated previous statements that a decision was "some time off".

What happens if DOC grant either/both concessions?

  • We consider whether or not to seek a Judicial Review of such a decision. That means going to the High Court. The cost of such an action may be $20,000 to potentially $200,000 and if we lose the court may award costs against us.
  • That means some serious fundraising will be needed.

What happens if DOC decline either/both decisions?

  • We celebrate, but in a subdued way because...
  • the applicant(s) can seek a reconsideration
  • a new, separate report is prepared by a newly nominated DOC Officer (usually from a different conservancy)
  • the new DOC Officer's Report is provided to the applicant(s) for comment
  • it is then forwarded to the DOC Decision Maker
  • a new determination is made.

So either way, there is potentially a long road in front of us.  

How can you help us while we await the decisions?

Please, in the meantime download, print and gather signatures on the petition signature sheet and send them back to us. In the end, it may be what ultimately wins the battle.

And we will let you know as soon as we know!