The year draws to a close

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A summer holiday idea:

The Save Fiordland Inc. group wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period.  Like you, we are awaiting the decisions.  We will let you know as soon as we know.  Once the decisions are announced we will move into the next phase of the campaign.

There are so many people to thank for the work done and the support shown over the last six months - it is all very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Visit Kiwi Burn this summer:

If there is one thing that you do with your family this holiday period, make it a visit to Kiwi Burn in the Snowden Forest, one of the very special World Heritage areas we are campaigning to save from having a monorail put through it.  Snowdon Forest has World Heritage status because of its ‘outstanding natural values’.  It is also classified, uniquely, as a ‘remote but accessible’ recreational area.  


Turn off the Mossburn-Te Anau state highway onto the Mavora Road, travelling towards Mavora Lakes.  Watch out for the sign to the Kiwi Burn swingbridge on your left as you near Mavora.

It's an easy beech forest walk:

Access from the road is across the Mararoa River on a wire swing bridge.  You amble for about an hour and a half along a simple, kid and grandparent-friendly, beech forest track beside the Kiwi Burn.  Kaka country too.  Then it opens out onto the most stunning, indeed ‘outstanding’, natural landscape. 

Overlooking this tussock landscape is a classic back country hut.  It sleeps 12.  The hut book says it all. For every month of the year, no matter what the weather, there are entries from school groups, families with young kids, locals, hunters, visitors from abroad.  And none of them wants a monorail. 

But this is where the monorail and its construction road will be, along with a bridge, terminus, bus park, toilets, 160 passengers alighting from the train and another 160 boarding.

This is not hobbit country; it’s your country, borrowed by the hobbit producers because of its outstanding natural values.  And it is one of the best places in New Zealand to introduce young Kiwi kids to what our outdoors is all about.  Enjoy it while you can.

It is the last place in the world for a monorail. We're working on making sure it doesn't happen.