Reason 5 to object to the tunnel: A tunnel will destroy recreational enjoyment of the Hollyford Valley.

The start of the Hollyford Valley, well away from civilisation, is much loved by trampers, hunters, whitebaiters, fishermen and kayakers. It is renowned for its river kayaking on the awesome Hollyford River, and its tramping on the Hollyford Track, as well as shorter walks to Lake Marian and Humbolt Falls, and access via Pass Creek Track to the Routeburn Track, from which thousands of great track walkers look down onto, and admire, the Hollyford Valley.


The low-key back country accommodation provided at historic Gunns Camp is a fitting start to the valley.

The valley also provides valuable income to commercial tramping guides. The tunnel and its associated infrastructure and visual and noise disturbances will ruin this recreational environment.