What the monorail would mean for hunters

Amazing hunting opportunities in the Upukerora

The monorail route would cut through the areas of three catchments (Kiwi Burn, Whitestone and Upukerora) in the areas where you are most likely to enter and begin your hunting.

Riverstone Holdings would have us believe that its monorail construction and operation would have minimal impact on our recreational hunting. Yeah right...

Ruined experience

Hunter after hunter has told DOC that this proposal would ruin their experience in the Snowdon area. The industrial scale monstrosity of the monorail, combined with bush clearance and permanent roading would degrade the area to such a degree they would not wish to go there.

Hunters excluded

Hunter exclusion zone mapHunters would not be permitted to hunt within a set distance of this monorail or the construction and maintenance road track. You will be excluded from hunting in over 3,000 hectares of public conservation land.

Constant traffic

The monorail’s train sets (up to four proposed to be running at one time), and the approximately 30 kilometre concrete beam they would run on, would cut through not only forest but an estimated 12 kilometres of river flats. No hunting there either; the exclusive concession would take precedence.

Where next?

If a proposal like this gets approved, then there can be no backcountry safe from similar development.

Stand up and say "No!"

Now it's time to stop the monorail; take action!