The monorail and you the angler

Monorail vs Anglers

Riverstone (the monorail developer) has shown scant regard for the feelings of any of the existing users of the Snowdon Area. They have run a campaign suggesting a sensitive development with little environmental nor visual impact. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their proposal would clear a swathe of forest up to tens of metres wide, with a total length of approximately 30 km. The Kiwi Burn, and the upper Whitestone and Upukerora rivers would have a dominating structure and high speed monorail traffic; you might expect to see it in a major city, not here.

Are you prepared to give up your prime fishing without a fight?The rivers and flats are recognised as being remote and an extremely important part of this outstanding landscape. Anglers who cherish the opportunity to get into these three backcountry river flats would be greeted by a total of over 12 km of 1m x 1m elevated concrete beam. Concrete piers up to several metres high every 20m.

The principal reasons that anglers make the effort to get to these places will be destroyed. FOREVER.

Major permanent construction

The upper Whitestone and Upukerora Rivers would be bridged with the concrete beam raised even higher, so as to accommodate river flood events carrying debris including entire beech trees.

Imagine fishing your way up what were beautiful open river flats with such a monstrous structure. Then add multiple monorail trains racing past at 90 km/hr.

Riverstone have been careful to downplay the construction/maintenance road that they would doze through to accompany the monorail. This road will cross the river flats. This road is being touted as a mountain bike track which would require separate bridges of its own. A MTB trail would necessitate huts and toilets, and would result in inevitable litter and faecal pollution. You would be best to carry your own drinking water!


Loss of Water Quality

The upper reaches of these rivers have extremely high water quality. They hold very good populations of native fish, provide crucial rearing habitat for trout, and the pools and runs for the backcountry angler. The construction/maintenance road would be a continuing source of sediment to the tributary creeks that over 30km of gravel road would drain in to. The rivers would quickly discolour with rainfall events and spawning creeks would be filled with sediment.

This monorail proposal is not only about forest destruction, every value that we thought was protected in the Snowdon Forest Conservation Area will be massively degraded or destroyed.

Stand up and say "No!"

Now it's time to stop the monorail; take action!